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Diabetes Support

"Our foster son William who we are in the process of adopting came to us having Type 1 diabetes. Despite all the reading and research I’d done on my own, I didn’t feel like I was grasping much of it. Our son was constantly getting sick despite taking the proper insulin doses.... My first conversation with Charlie was so incredibly helpful and educational I was thrilled. Their personal stories of how they treated their diabetes even down to recommend snacks and foods, was eye opening."

"Thanks to Charlie, I feel much better educated on how to treat William and more importantly they gave me the support and encouragement I needed."


"Through Charlie I learned about a program called DYF. My child attended two different DYF camps over the summer and said it was life changing."

Those of us diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes are often fed the promise that it will feel like second nature in no time, and a cure is on the horizon. But the emotional, physical, and social impact of a diabetes diagnosis can feel daunting. Through my own lived experience with Type 1 Diabetes, I support people impacted by diabetes whether the diagnosis is new or something you have been managing for a long time.
Through 1:1 and Group Consultation Sessions; and we focus on your overall well being. 

I work with people affected by Diabetes, including:

  • People with Diabetes (PWD)

  • Family members of PWD

  • Partners and friends of PWD


Areas of Support:

  • The emotional impact of living with diabetes

  • Type 1 Diabetes resources, skills and experiences

  • Communicating about your diabetes diagnosis with school, workplace, and healthcare professionals.

  • Burnout and exhaustion from managing your diagnosis


Group Support Sessions

I facilitate group sessions for youth and adults who are impacted by Diabetes. These sessions consist of guided conversation prompts, storytelling, empathetic embodied mirroring, emotional releasing, meaning-making and reintegration.

  • Zoom or in person

  • 1-4 sessions, 2 hours each


Diabetes Emotional Release Session hosted at Burning Man in 2023, developed and facilitated by Mark Wilson and Charlie Brown.

The Dance of Diabetes

What do Dance and Diabetes have in common? The Body. 

Through somatic exploration, I lead individuals and groups through gentle movement journeys that bring together our mental, emotional, and physical selves. Diabetes often interrupts the connection between these three areas, requiring the mind to manage the body's everyday functions, without room to feel. Our movement together brings them back together.

Moving in a room with other radical bodies who share the common experience of diabetes is powerful. Imagine being surrounded by other bodies who are wearing pumps and CGMs, swirling through the space alongside you. You are not alone. 

"My Something" was choreographed and performed in 2015 to explore and share my physical and emotional relationship with Diabetes by inviting the audience to feel empathy as this relates to their own "something"

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