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An Open Letter to My Students (past, present, and future)

Your body is the most intelligent thing about you.

Look how far it's gotten you!


Honor your body's messaging.

Do not beg the little voice inside to quiet down.

Listen, respect, and act on it.



Your intuition.

Your gut instinct.

It's how we survive.

Let your body be your guide.


Do not let your brain talk you out of this!

If something feels wrong, It's wrong.


Who gains power when we deny our body's needs?

How many people profit off of our complacency?

Who suffers from our complacency?

We do. And many others.


Detox shame out of your being.

You already belong.

You already belong.

Uplift yourself and others.

Life is already hard enough, no need to be any harder on yourself.


Challenge authority.

Soak up the sun.

Dismantle systems of oppression.

Fuel yourself.

Remember to self-soothe, you have the tools.


Throw out your phone.

Run over it with a truck. Maybe two trucks.




Plant seeds, intentions, and tredge forward in their pursuit.




No Rush.


Napping is a sign of wisdom, not a sign of weakness.

Take breaks; you might be surprised at what arises when you create an opening.



Listen to your body. And the trees!


Move. Improvise.

Improvise because of how it makes you feel, not how it looks.



Send love inward.

Send love outward.

Receive love inward.


Remember, you are already loved, you already belong, and being loved is our birthright. 



June 2021

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